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Why don't we play 'Werewolf'?

An international event in Osaka where we play 'Werewolf' on the last Saturday of every month.  Please refer to the event schedule for the exact dates.

Event Schedule

20/2/29 人狼ゲーム / Werewolf
20/3/28 人狼ゲーム / Werewolf
20/4/25 人狼ゲーム / Werewolf
20/4/25 人狼ゲーム / Werewolf

Point 1

Home Party atomosphere

海外の人たちと交流したいけど、海外の人たちが行くようなクラブやバーなど苦手という人に打ってつけ。イベントが行われる場所は"Kurasu English & School" というEnglishカフェでイベント名前通りcozyな雰囲気。

It's good for people who say "I want to interact with people from other countries, but I'm not fond of going to bars or clubs to meet them".The place where the events are held is an English cafe called "Kurasu English Cafe & School" which has a cozy atomosphere as our name suggests.

Point 2

英語力がそんなに必要ない You don't need advanced English


When you hear "Playing Werewolf in English" you may think "it sounds difficult" or "I don't have confidence". But you don't need to worry. Once you learn the words you need and the rules of the game, you can interact with the other players more easily than you think because you'll be using the same phases throughout the game.

About us


Hello! My name is Matt, and I've been living in Osaka since September 2018. I am the manager at Kurasu English Cafe and I'm an ALT at a high school in Osaka. I've been teaching English for over 10 years, including 7 years at the University of California, Davis, where I taught Engish to study abroad students from Japan and many other countries.

How to attend

cozycozy 公式LINEを登録し、
Please add "cozycozy offcial LINE" and send us your name and size of your group. (We need this information because the number of participants is limited)

  • 名前 Name : 〇〇
  • 人数 How many people in your group : 〇〇 people

You can also ask any questions about our events and check out our past events. 

Let's see

cozy room

FEE : 500yen / person
TIME : 19:00 - 22:00

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